latex generation/boys who rocked

Formed while attending their respective high schools in the early 90’s, the band Latex Generation hailed from the suburbs of New York.  The group changed members often, but always wrote music that captured specific moments in their lives. For the the band members, those that accompanied the group on one of their many tours, and all who helped along the way, they lived for the moment and were lucky enough to carve that time into wax and/or ones and zeros.

We invite you to witness one of the 90’s most passionate, dysfunctional,  & creative DIY-Punk families.


Latex Generation played 2 reunion shows at the very end of 2006.  You can check out videos of most of the set from the NYC reunion show at Rebel at the Latex Generation YouTube Channel.

You can also see some pictures from the show at Jackie Roman’s website.

Make sure you check out the official Latex Generation MySpace page as well.


latex gener


Latex Generation played another couple of reunion shows with their pals Weston in 2008.  This time they took place at the Mercury Lounge in NYC and The Khyber in Philadelphia.

The first night turned into an acoustic set with Brian taking over the drums and a guest appearance by former singer Paulie.

The second night was Latex Generation’s return to Philadelphia and the show was rocking.

Make sure to check out the pictures and video in the media section of this site, and visit the YouTube playlist of the shows.